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Waterproofing Masticing Joints To Buildings Ealing London

Case Study 1

The client contacted us regarding continuous dampness and water seepage through the walls of their flats. It was difficult to see the extent of deterioration and cause. We surveyed the area and identified that the expansion joints goment are cracked and debonded away from the joints.

It is important to maintain as part of the on-going maintenance of the building structure to ensure the building area is watertight to prevent dampness and water seepage. We provided our client a solution by masticing goment to the rubber expansion joint ensuring the area is watertight preventing water from entering into the adjacent building.

We use rope access to abseil across the building horizontally as well as vertically without causing the occupant and ensuring the building watertight. There was no distribution to the occupants.

Our team can reach areas where it is difficult to reach regardless of the height we can be equipped and we are located within London area.


Customer Review

It was a pleasure to see the team abseiling to carry out the works to waterproof the joints. The team has done an excellent job with minimum disruption. We highly recommend them.
- 8th May, 2017

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