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Restoring Columns By Painting And Decoration London

We have helped our customers with restoring their architecture timber supports on the pagoda representing their culture restoring to its original condition by extending the life of the supports using abseilers to carry out the work.

Using rope access to inspect the building we closely examine the condition of the timber support and recognise the extent of deterioration and advised our customer the remedial work needed.

The pagoda constructed from concrete, steel construction with ceramic tiles imported from Asian. These timbers support surrounding the pagoda roof structures forms part of the columns supporting the concrete slabs floor to which the paint has weathered over time. The client requirement is to restore the supports to its original condition which only require a new coat of protective paint coating.

Access to the works area without damaging the fragile roof structure was not to use access platforms as it can be costly when the platform cradle impacts the roof structure. Using scaffolding was not cost-effective and possibly could damage the roof structure during the installation and demounting. The client contacted us and JKSkyline Abseiling Services provided them with a solution by carrying the works using abseiling. We use industrial rope access rigging technique and use ropes to wrap around the pagoda for our team to carry out the painting and decorating work.

JKSkyline managed to refurbish the existing timber supports and saved customers cost significantly using rope access technicians.

A sample case study of some projects carried out recently saving our customers thousands of pounds.


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